in motion[less]



2 lightboxes, each with 8 photos
The world is always in motion
and seems nevertheless to stand still.


Our perception distinguishes between moving and static objects, regardless of whether we ourselves are in motion or not.
Without points of reference however, we are not able to define either motion or standstill. When we sit in a stationary train, for example, and watch another train begin to move, we are unable in the first instance to tell wether it is us moving or the other train.
‘in motion[less]’ engages with the perception of motion and standstill. Moving objects of daily life (escalators, elevators etc.) serve as tripods 'in motion' for the pinhole camera. Thereby normal perception is reversed: the moving objects are portrayed as more or less in focus - depending on the kind of motion - while the actual stationary environment begins to move.


Wolfgang Mathias